Green Ink Consulting is our Special Projects Division.

And its where we specialise in helping prepare companies for the mergers and acquisitions process.  

This can be when the owners are planning a sale and an exit from business or when the board has decided on a strategic acquisition.

In the case of a sale and exit we help prepare the company for this transition and in particular prepare for the due diligence exercise. Additionally, we use our expertise to advise the owners in selecting the best broker if this is required.


Additionally from within our network, we can help advise on regulation and compliance including data and technical governance.

This is done in two main ways:

  1. By acting as an advisor, to plan and realise long-term value propositions for technology and data, and
  2. Assisting as an Information Governance advisor covering systems, processes, partner and third-party due diligence, certification, documentation, training, audits and more.